Learn to Read the Bible Effectively

The popular Learn to Read the Bible Effectively course has been running for over 20 years worldwide.  Its aims are simple:

  • To supply you with important skills to help you read the Bible more effectively
  • To help you discover the Bible message for yourself
  • To evaluate the claims of the Bible’s accuracy and authority

We believe you are certainly capable of reading and understanding the Bible for yourself, but if you are like most people, you may occasionally feel frustrated, confused, bored or overwhelmed by the task.

Courses are offered both online and in person.

Why are we giving this course?  Our aim is the honour God and build respect and love for the Bible.  We are concerned for your salvation as well, but we do not believe it is our place or role to attempt to convert you to our way of thinking in this course. We are committed to helping you discover the Bible message for yourself. If we come to agreement on matters, all the better. If not, your conscience and ours must be satisfied independently. For this reason we will avoid a debate of doctrine during this course, and stick to our promise of helping you read the Bible more effectively!

To register at the next course in Canberra, please send an email to: