Our Way of Life

The Bible gives effective direction to our lives. We try to rely fully upon God and develop a faith which is active in prayer and good works. At the same time, however, we recognise that salvation is by grace and can not be earnt.

With God’s help, we seek to please and obey him every day, striving to imitate Christ who faithfully obeyed his Father. We therefore endeavour to be enthusiastic in work, loyal in marriage and relationships, generous in giving, dedicated in preaching and happy in our God.

A widespread custom among Christadelphians is to read the Bible every day. We may also attend Bible classes regularly. Following the New Testament example, and Christ’s instruction, we pray to God, our Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus his son. Jesus is our advocate in prayer, knowing our weaknesses. Prayer is an important part of our lives, both individually and in our meetings.

Every Sunday we attend a service we call the “Memorial Meeting” or “Breaking of Bread”. All baptised members take bread and wine to remind us of the life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Attendance at this service is the central focus of our religious life & beginning of a new week.

Since we have no paid ministers, our members take turns to serve our community in all of its functions, which are aimed at preaching the gospel and caring for people in need. We love to sing and praise God for his amazing character and purpose with us and this is an important part of all our worship.


Often we are asked, “How are you different from other Christian groups?” Apart from our distinctive organization (with no clergy or hierarchy), our understanding of the Bible differs from that of other more well-known Christian churches.

We believe the Bible teaches that Jesus was uniquely the Son of God, not God himself. It was an incredible sacrifice of our Father to give the life of His perfect Son for sinners like us to have a way of salvation. There is no passage in the Bible that speaks of “God the Son”, only “the Son of God”. Jesus Christ had to struggle against the temptation of sin, learn obedience and grow in his relationship with God and men as we do.  In his death, he provided redemption for all people who follow him. If he was God, he could not be tempted, neither could he die.

We are so in debt to Jesus Christ himself and our Father for this amazing sacrifice of his only begotten Son, who died that we might live. (1 Timothy 2:5, 6:16, 1 Corinthians 11:3, Hebrews 5:8, James 1:13)

The Bible also teaches that our hope for eternal life is in the resurrection when Jesus returns. God’s plan is very clear that He will fill the earth with his glorious character – to be seen in all people! Our hope is to live forever with Christ in this amazing Kingdom to be set up on earth. (John 3:13, Acts 2:34, 1 Thessalonians 4:16)

We also believe that the Bible uses the word ‘Devil’ as a symbol of sinful human nature, rather than as a literal single evil being. We believe that each individual is personally responsible to God for their actions, for it is out of our own heart evil is formed. We all need a relationship with God and his forgiveness when we fail, to continue in our faithful walk to His Kingdom. (Isaiah 45:7, Mark 8:33, John 6:70, Hebrews 1:14)

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